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British Airways

British Airways is one of the most efficient and reliable airlines of the United Kingdom. It is believed to be the largest airline facility of the United Kingdom based on several criteria. These criteria include the fleet size, international flights and the international destinations worldwide. It was established back in the year 1971 and since then the airline has never looked back. It continues to be one of the most trusted and successful airlines of the United Kingdom. The airlines started as a nationalized service but in the year 1987 it was privatized by the conservative Government of the United Kingdom. Slowly and gradually the British Airways grew over and acquired most of the other airline services operating then in the United Kingdom.

Recently in April 2010, the British Airways has announced its merger with Iberia. Thus it has created one of the world's largest International airlines group. Now it provides service to a very large population of customers.

British Airways flights are believed to be one amongst the world's most reliable and comfortable flights. They serve an extremely large number of foreign destinations and until the year 2008 they were believed to be the carriers of largest number of air passengers. Records show that the British airways flights carried 34.6 million passengers in the year 2008, which was a staggering number for most of the other competitors. Thus the British Airways have been rated as one of the best service providers in the world. The British airways have their main base in west London but it has a global presence as well.

British Airways are believed to be one of the best if you are willing to spend some time enjoying a holiday. The British Airways offer holiday facilities to more than hundreds of destinations all over the world covering most continents. The holiday package provided by the British Airways covers all other expenses as well. That means if you book for a flight from British airways you can as well book for all the other expenses like hotels and car hire etc. If one goes for a separate booking of all these expenses then they are going to cost him a lot. Moreover it leads to too much of time and energy wastage. Thus by providing a wholesome holiday package to its customers the British airways have greatly enhanced the degree of service. So next time you plan for a holiday, British airways has the solution for you because you can always rely on it for good quality service. You can always avail great discounts and attractive gifts during the Christmas holidays and New Year breaks as well. So when it comes to spending a luxurious night in Dubai or spending time with your family skiing in Canada, you can always look up to British Airways service to provide you the best deals and service. Moreover the early you book, the added advantages you get out of it. One of the best deals is available for the winter packages in Amsterdam where you can spend a good time with your family and dear ones.

British Airways Check in:

The check in provided by the British airways is easy and fast. This ensures that it does not consume much of your time so that you can spend most of the time enjoying your holidays rather than completing the formalities.

Altogether there are 4 ways provided by the British Airways for the check in. The first way is the online way which you can do at, the second way of check in is a very simple one by your mobile phone, the third is the conventional one at the kiosk of the airport, or the last option of check in that the British airlines has provided is the check in at a British Airways check-in Desk.

There are some important points you should keep in mind before a check in.

---> It is extremely important that you check well in advance before time. This ensures that you get to avail the service properly.
---> It is also necessary that you carry a boarding pass carefully while you are checking in.
---> Always ensure that you follow all the security guidelines of check up at the security gates.
---> Even if you do an online check-in, you need to do it well in advance. This is because the online check-in facility closes one hour prior to the departure time of the flight.

Thus the British Airways flights are regarded as one of the world's best service providers in terms of international flights.