Eurostar Deals

Eurostar deals are a great way to save money on your train travel. Eurostar faces tough competition from the low budget airlines ferry companies, especially during peak season. It becomes really difficult to attract passengers, so in order to entice in customers, Eurostar has many fantastic deals and promotional offers.


Where to find the latest Eurostar Deals:

Eurostar deals can be found on the companies official website. It’s worth being aware that these offers changes often, so it is recommended that you check the site regularly to secure the best deals.

Eurostar City Break Deals:

It may be tempting to book a train ticket on the chance you can secure a cheap last minute hotel once reach your destination, but even if that does work, you don’t need that stress, you’re meant to be on holiday! This is doubly difficult during the peak season, when most of the hotels are booked. As beautiful as Paris is, you will not enjoy spending a night on the streets while searching for the one hotel with a room free.

We recommend looking for suitable Eurostar deals for city breaks and book a hotel room alongside the Eurostar tickets. Not only is this a much less stressful option, you can guarantee yourself with a room at a decent rate. Here are some of the latest Eurostar city break deals available for you.

—-> Return ticket to Lille + Hotel from just £96 pp
—-> Return ticket to Paris + Hotel from just £104 pp
—-> Return ticket to Brussels + Hotel from just £106 pp
—-> Return ticket to Bruges + Hotel from just £114 pp

As well as these, Eurostar offers many variations of their promotional deals:


Weekly train with special hotel Eurostar Deals:


—-> A 5 star hotel in Antwerp from just £156 pp
—-> A 4 star hotel in Bruges from just £160 pp
—-> A 4 star hotel in Brussels from just £145 pp
—-> A 4 star hotel in Paris from just £178 pp


Eurostar Deals for Disneyland Paris w/ travel:


Enjoy the magical world of Disneyland with Eurostar and meet your favourite characters from films and TV. Book from 14 fantastic hotels  within the resort and get cheap rates. Currently they are providing a special offer where you can stay there for 4 days for the price of 3.


Eurostar Deals for Younger passengers:

If you are under 26, you can book return Eurostar ticket to Paris and Brussels for just £59. These special fares are available all year round, letting you enjoy these 2 exciting European cities whenever suits you.

As well as this incredible deal, there are many other offers available, like Eurostar plus Shopping, Eurostar plus Culture, Eurostar plus and many more.

All the information regarding these various Eurostar deals is available on the Eurostar’s official website. You can check out the locations of your hotels while booking a city break in any European city and can choose the destination that’s perfect for you and your needs.

These Eurostar deals are seasonal and change regularly. Although it takes a bit of time, we recommend thoroughly researching the various deals and offers on Eurostar’s website, to ensure you’re making the choice thats right for you. As well as this, we would also advise booking well in advance, preferably three months before the day of journey. It takes a bit more work, but planning your trip a little early means you can enjoy your trip knowing you paid the best possible price.

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