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Eurostar Train

Eurostar, the high speed train service has changed the entire scenario of the whole cross-channel travel market in Western Europe. Going from London to Paris, Brussels or other European country was never so easy and quick. Eurostar is jointly owned by EUKL, SNCF and SNCB and they are responsible for operating the Eurostar train services in their respective territories. The channel tunnel, owned by Eurotunnel, is the most crucial part of the Eurostar train routes. Eurostar train connects London to Paris, Brussels, Lille, and Disneyland directly.

Eurostar Main Routes and Time Taken:

Eurostar London to Paris train takes around 2 hour and 15 minutes to reach its destination Gare du Nord from St. Pancras station. London to Brussels train takes around 1 hour and 55 minutes to reach Brussels Midi from St. Pancras station.

Major Eurostar Stations:

Major Eurostar station in London is St. Pancras International from where all operations of Eurostar take place. In past all operations were used to carried out by Waterloo Station before changing it to St. Pancras as it is located at more prominent location. Ebbsfleet International is located near Dartford in North Kent and you can take train from here also. Ashford station has weekly services to Avignon and to French Alps.

Gare du Nord station in Paris is the Eurostar stopping station in Paris. It is the major station from where Eurostar Paris to London trains operates. In Brussels, Brussels Midi is the Eurostar station. Avignon international station is the Eurostar station in Avignon. Eurostar provides weekly services to Avignon.

Getting Eurostar Tickets:

You can book Eurostar tickets online or from their customer care by calling them. Bookings open 3 month prior to journey and early you book, more you will save. Tickets come in three types, non-flexible, semi-flexible and fully-flexible. Ticket prices depend on this as well as on the travel classes. Cheapest tickets for Eurostar for a return journey start from £69, although you can book cheap Eurostar tickets by taking care of some small tips.

Eurostar Fares:

As said earlier Eurostar prices depend upon the travel classes, type of tickets and how early you book. Normally tickets start from £69 for London to Paris/Brussels travel and £65 for London to Lille travel. For complete list of fares you must check Eurostar fare chart on website of Eurostar.

Eurostar Travel Classes:

Eurostar has three travel classes namely Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier. Standard class is the basic class in which you will get comfortable seats and a relaxing journey. There will be no complementary drinks or meals at seat, but you can always use the bar and restaurant in the train. With Standard Premier Class you get semi-flexible tickets, more spacious seats, light drinks and meal served to you at seat, on board magazines etc. Business premier is the highest travel class that offers you flexible tickets, optional chauffeur services, exclusive business premier lounges at Eurostar stations with Wi-Fi access, large seats, power sockets at seats for mobile or laptop charging, meal and drinks served at your seat and many more.

UK Connections:

Eurostar has teamed up with many local rail operators to make people's travel to Paris easier. Now you can book tickets to Paris from any regional station in UK from Eurostar by just paying one ticket. In this you will travel from a regional train operator to the Eurostar station and from there you can take train to Paris. With this system you need not to worry about the train timings and synchronization of different trains as Eurostar take care of this. This facility is Eurostar UK connections you now you can book train from Bristol to Paris, Birmingham to Paris, Edinburgh to Paris, Manchester to Paris, Norwich to Paris, Liverpool to Paris, Nottingham to Paris, York to Paris, Leeds to Paris, Newcastle to Paris, Cardiff to Paris, Cambridge to Paris, Brighton to Paris, Oxford to Paris and many more.

Europe Connections:

Not only UK, but Eurostar is working hard to connect entire Europe from London with the help of other train operators in France, Belgium, and Germany etc. Now you can book tickets from London to any destination in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherland and to other important countries. Just book one ticket from Eurostar and change train at Gare du Nord or Brussels Midi to take other train to your destination. Trains like TGV, Thalys, ICE are there to serve to and to take you to your desired destination.

Eurostar Breaks:

Eurostar breaks are special offers by which you can book a hotel room along with a return ticket of Eurostar at your destination. This is really helpful as you need not to search for the rooms and moreover you can get huge discount by booking train tickets and hotels together.

Other Useful Information about Eurostar:

Kids under 4 don't require a ticket provided that they travel on the lap of their parents. Children from 4 to 11 years get discount on ticket prices. You can take up to 2 medium sized bags with a maximum height of 85 cm. along with one hand bag. No pets or dogs are allowed to travel on train, except than guide dogs. For disabled travelers, Eurostar provides extra facilities on board to make their journey comfortable. Average check in time at Eurostar stations is 30 minutes although people having business premier tickets have 10 minute check in time.

Environment Friendly Eurostar:

In today's world when there is a chaos everywhere about Global Warming, Eurostar has proved that travelling by Eurostar is more environment friendly that taking flights. It has been proved that CO2 emission by Eurostar is 10 times lesser than flights.

Eurostar is also famous for its punctuality and in first quarter of 2009 its punctuality was estimated to be around 95%. With Eurostar the journey is fast, relaxing and luxurious and with all these high standards of services Eurostar has the largest share of passengers traveling across Western Europe.